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Re-launching my career as an author and writer of fiction is very exciting.  Reading and writing have long been my best friends, when times were tough, or in my happiest moments.  

I would love to hear from you, answer questions and let you know what I am working on writing, sharing at readings, spoken word events, or my "Write on the Road" Book Tour I am Planning for 2021.  Please complete the sign up form on the Home Page of this site or contact me via Facebook at:

Honestly though credit where it is due, I would not have published Love Bites without the amazing help from Mary Turner Thomson, author of The Bigamist and being part of The Book Whisperers organised by Mary, Lea Taylor and Sue Cohen.  Also a big shout out to the GOSSIP Collective in Stirling and the Writing group Write Now!


The Book Whisperers

Write Now!

Gossip Collective

Mary Turner Thompson, Whitewater Publishing

Reviews for Love Bites

“I have just read Polly's story and brilliant Liza once I started the story there was no way I was stopping till I found out how Polly got on at the end! It made me laugh out loud and I can resonate with the "speech bubble" 🥰 sadly I have to put the book away or I am going to be late for work" HW

“To quote Mary Turner Thomson, "Liza has penned stories that are beautiful, frightening, surprising, mysterious, eye-opening, heartbreaking and uplifting - just like love itself." The stories have a big range of characters who come in and out of love from many angles. A lifelong love that nears its end in the COVID era; dating and sex for the mature woman - in the age of dating apps; fleeting love affairs that either make, break or even kill people. You won't be bored. This book is entertaining, touching, and wise without being preachy. Each story is its own little gem.

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