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Thank you for visiting me.  I'm really excited to announce two new publications for 2021. 


Murder on Morrison, a cosy murder mystery set in Edinburgh, featuring Rose McLaren is now available as an e- book and paperback on Amazon.    

My Life's not Funny, a young adult fiction/coming of age story will be published by Scaramouche Press in April 2021:

In the meantime, Love Bites, published in August 2020 is still available as a paperback/kindle version on Amazon.  A touch of Bridget Jones with a hint of Agatha Christie.  Love Bites is ideal for travel, bedtime, or a short self care moment with a nice cuppa or your favourite libation.

My own life has taught me, when things are adverse, make the best out of what you have.  It's how Rose McLaren re-started her life, opening a shop in Edinburgh, before she becomes embroiled in several murders.

The characters in Love Bites are all really ordinary people, but they, like you and me, have one thing in common, they fall in love.  And sometimes, as in real life, love does not always pan out the way we planned it.

As a certified family mediator and expressive arts therapist I have learned a lot about relationships and what makes people tick like Amelia, the young protagonist in My Life's not Funny, who learned to survive by navigating challenging circumstances.

I am also a contributing writer in the lock down anthology, Stir Crazy created by The Book Whisperers and published by Whitewater Publishing.

In conversation with Mary Turner Thomson, author of The Bigamist, and

The Psychopath Mary is the editor for Love Bites and Murder on Morrison

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