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Love Bites 


"The author's very revealing and honest style make this an enjoyable read. It feels current and is thoughtful, providing an engaging snapshot of the way the world often is and not maybe the way we would like it to be. The characters have to be flexible and imaginative to make their relationships work and level headed to see when they are bad and they should extricate themselves. An amusing take on the stick and carrot of modern love."


Love Bites is a series of seven short stories about relationships that bite.  Relationships between men and women, friends, families and women and women.  The protagonists are from different ages, and places, but they have one thing in common, love.

Relationships are complicated. Is there ever really such a thing as happy ever after? After all even in the happiest of relationships one person is usually left alone at the end, by death if not divorce. Each of the stories explore the complexity of the question, what is true love, and what happens when it ends.  The stories vary from whimsical to dark with shades of light and humour.

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