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Art Imitating Life

Last night I was treated to a fabulous night at Scottish Opera's Don Giovanni. My host and I agreed throughout the performance that the Machiavellian antics of the antagonist Don Giovanni reminded us of the current leader of the UK government.

The final act with the Don being dragged into the flames by the grey spirits fanned the flames of hope that Karma does indeed visit herself on those who abuse their position and privilege. Unfortunately history and the current state of the world indicates she does not always act very quickly, if at all.

Trump, Putin, Marcos (who's son now rules the Philippines) , Thatcher, Blair and Bush amongst many others have all been leaders who, in my lifetime, have not suffered real consequences for their actions. Corruption, an unjust war, discrimination, the destruction of community, humiliation of the poor are only some examples of what these so called leaders achieved. They continued to have status, money and power afforded to them long after they left office.

That no change or personal accountability is necessary, was succinctly summed up by the British PM yesterday. In an interview with Mishal Husain on BBC Radio 4 yesterday he stated: "If you're saying you want me to undergo some sort of psychological transformation... that is not going to happen". The interviewer tried time after time to afford him the opportunity to account for his actions. He chose not to, and clearly didn't give a toss.

The opera reminds us that the fate of those who "sin without repentance" are forever doomed. I can only say, in the case of Johnson, "bring on Karma and hurry up," but I'm not holding my breath.

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