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Cats, Muffins and the murder of Isolating

Having stayed home since March 2020 like the majority of the UK, I finally had a wee adventure and visited friends in England for a week. Of course, everything that could go wrong managed to health wise and, when I arrived back in Falkirk, I apparently met someone with a positive case of Covid. So that's me at home for another few days.

Perhaps it was a case of be careful what you wish for, because I did have the final chapter of A Game of Murder to fix up and I had been seriously worried about having enough time. Ten days in isolation saw that problem solved in a heartbeat. Unlike Murder on Morrison, A Game of Murder led me on quite a different journey with a rift between author and characters that lasted almost six weeks. Well, of course we kissed and made up and, I agreed to go along with what they wanted. Children eh, you give birth and then they mouth you back! I really admire authors who plan from A to Z.

It also means I have time to cuddle with my furry pals Kate and Cleo, who really missed me while I was away and whip up some tasty muffin treats for Rose McLaren to make in her next sleuthing adventure. Yep, more murders are already on my mind in time for a pre-Christmas release.

A lovely young woman by the name of Amy MacDonald, find her on Instagram here - - has also been doing some baking and whipped up these gorgeous Muffins for me from Trixie's Festival Muffin Recipe in A Game of Murder

A Game of Murder will be released on August 1st, with an event on Zoom at 7.30pm. Look forward to seeing you there!

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