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Goodbye 2020 - Future Proofing

As we all wave goodbye to 2020, with the pandemic still live, the end of this year may seem to hold out little in the way of hope or celebration for many of us.

Yesterday, spurred on by a wise blog from The Writers Cookbook shared by my amazing publishers #ScaramouchePress I decided that I needed to future proof my sanity.

As a news junkie, weaning myself away from the hourly bulletins and 5pm briefings in June helped me hugely in 2020. Not having the gloom filling my every waking moment allowed me to concentrate on writing, and voila Love Bites was born!

But as 2021 looms I could feel the old bad habits start to emerge. Worrying about things I cannot control, draining my energy and my creativity. So here's what I have done.

I created a commitment to write something new every month - some are longer pieces and will be done over several months, some are quick submits to competitions, some are four or five line poems, but already the year ahead looks and feels brighter and lighter.

So if you're feeling a bit blue about the year that cometh, perhaps my wee plan will work for you too. It can't hurt to try can it? And if a whole year feels like too big of a quest, how about aiming to create something once a quarter? Paint that new picture, knit that new scarf, write your first short story? Whatever floats your boat.

Wishing you all a creative and Happy New Year.

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