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The not so "lost" generation.

There has been a lot of headline grabbing news since the pandemic written about young people being the "lost generation" due to the pandemic. This sort of negative labeling is never helpful and if it continues it will have a significant and damaging impact on how our young people see themselves reflected in the eyes of the adult population. I would ask all writers and broadcasters to cease and desist immediately and ask themselves, how would you like to be described as lost?

Last night at the Carlisle Youth Zone, I had the honour of meeting five young readers who had all recently read my YA fiction novel My Life's not Funny. The insightful questions and responses to what they had read in the story were worthy of any adult book club. As a small sample of the current younger generation impacted by Covid, they are anything but lost. In fact I would dare to suggest that they have a greater insight about themselves and their needs than many adults.

One aspect of our conversation that intrigued me was their response and perception that many current children's books and programmes seek to shield them from exposure to risk. Our discussion led me to conclude they believed the practice of over protection has resulted in "blandness or blobs" being the main stay of many programmes and stories currently created for the young.

As a writer, meeting readers face to face in conversation is a great source of inspiration. Leaving the Carlisle Youth Zone last night, during my drive home I was desperate for a notebook, my head was full of ideas for another YA Fiction that will keep it real, allow the protagonist to take risks and trust herself.

My Life's not Funny is a gritty account of a young woman's journey between the age of 11 to 15. It is suitable for readers ages 12 to adult and is available as a paperback or kindle on Amazon , from Barnes and Noble and other digital retailers at and from Borrow Box at participating libraries. Signed paperback copies are also available on request.

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